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Frequently asked questions..

We've put together a few of the more common questions that crop up. Remember if you have a query not answered here please drop us a line and we'll provide you with the explanation to your question.



What is LPG?
Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) is industrial propane, a by-product of oil refining and natural gas production. It is a liquid while stored.

How much does LPG fuel cost? Prices start from as little as 70p per litre. Major suppliers try to keep the retail price to around half the price of petrol.

How do I use the system?
The vehicle will be set-up via the LPG ECU to start on petrol and automatically switch to gas when the correct engine temperature is reached. If you run out of LPG the system automatically switches back to petrol and will 'bleep' to alert you of this. To cancel the bleep you should press the switch, but when you fill up with LPG remember to flick the switch back to LPG mode (this is the only time you need to manually operate the switch).

Does an LPG conversion involve major engine modification?
No, the LPG components are fitted in the engine bay of the vehicle at the most appropriate sites and the only addition to the engine itself are the gas injectors - one per cylinder.

What happens to the petrol system?
The LPG system runs alongside your existing petrol fuel system so the vehicle has two fuel systems.

Can I revert back to using petrol?
Yes, the system is interchangeable. You can use both systems and move between the two with a flick of a switch.

How many litres does the tank hold?
As with your petrol tank, it depends on the size of your vehicle. An average family car would have space to fit an LPG tank giving a driving range of approximately 250-300 miles.

How can I find my nearest LPG fuel station?
You can fill up all over the UK. One in five Shell sites in the UK now sell LPG with further expansion planned. If you need any help finding a petrol station please contact us.

How can I be sure that I am using a qualified installer?
Some garages may claim to be 'approved' installers. However, on closer inspection this may only mean they are only approved by their suppliers. The recognised LPG trade body in the UK is UKLPG and you should look for the green approved autogas installer tick in advertisements, on websites and in brochures

Where is my nearest mintLPG conversion centre?
mintLPG has a network of installation centres in South Wales, London, the South East, the North West, the Midlands, the Scottish Borders, East Midlands and Oxfordshire.

How much does an LPG conversion cost?
As prices vary, we need to find out more about your car. Fill out the enquiry form and we'll get straight back to you with a quote. In the meantime take a look at our guide prices.

Can my diesel vehicle be converted to LPG?
mintLPG can also convert diesel engines to run on a mixture of diesel and LPG. This will provide an increase in power which will result in a 20 per cent saving on fuel costs. However, the payback period is considerably more than that of a petrol vehicle.

Does LPG affect my car's performance?
No. In normal driving conditions you won't know which fuel you are using.

Does LPG increase engine wear?
Generally, engine wear is decreased but some components (such as exhaust valves) are subject to higher temperatures resulting in increased wear. On the vast majority of vehicles this is insignificant, but with a small number of vehicles it is recommended that a valve lubrication system is fitted to mitigate this.

Can LPG help lower my car tax?
Yes. The DVLA ( can advise you on small reductions to car tax depending on the band of the vehicle.

Do I still have to pay the congestion charge if I am using LPG?
No. Discounts of up to 100 per cent are offered depending on your vehicle and the type of kit used.

Remember, If you have a query which isn't included in the list above, call us on 01633 894070 or fill out the online enquiry form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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