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About Us

We have been trading for almost ten years during which time we have established ourselves as the UK’s leading supplier of LPG components and LPG training provider to the automotive industry.

We pride ourselves in our technical expertise and customer service. We strive to ensure that:

  • we hold an extensive range of stock of Romano, Vialle and Ultra-Gas LPG systems together with Stako Tanks and many other associated parts for LPG vehicle installations;
  • we only supply components produced from high quality design and manufacturing processes and we refuse to compromise on quality;
  • all components comply with the relevant EU and UK standards;
  • we give first class technical backup – the best within the industry;
  • we continuously drive innovation and technology within alternative fuels;
  • our comprehensive training course is delivered to the highest standard by our fully qualified engineers and in accordance with BSI12979:2002 and the UKLPG Code of Practice COP11:2001;
  • all orders are despatched daily and delivered to our customers within the prescribed time;
  • there is continued expansion of this industry within the UK by promoting LPG to the consumer and by helping our customers with their own marketing strategies

It is not only critical to us as a business, but also to the autogas industry as whole, that LPG installations in the UK are executed to a high standard. We are a full member of the UKLPG which, as a trade association, oversees all aspects of LPG within the UK. One of its main functions is to establish a UK national network of Approved Installers in order to improve and maintain the quality of installations across the UK. We endorse and support this through our technical support for our own customers and by establishing a network of agw-Romano Approved Centres throughout the UK.


Although we have many requests for DIY kits, we do not supply them because of safety considerations. For every three DIY installations we see one is average, one is installed to a very high standard and one is really terrible. Also the increasing complexity of modern systems makes them unsuitable for home installation.

However, please consider coming to one of our courses and becoming qualified to fit LPG installations. The alternative is our DIY under supervision scheme. With this scheme you fit the system yourself at our premises under our supervision. The result is a fully certified installation which costs you 30% less than having the work done by a professional installer, please contact us for more details.