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With strong engineering backgrounds, our engineers have added to their expert knowledge through continued research and development of the global autogas industry over the last decade or so. This has involved a programme of continuous improvement, from liaising with customers, analysing system & vehicle behaviours and providing solutions to problems through to assisting with system development and technologies with our manufacturers. This research has also looked at the wider options for alternative vehicle fuels, including CNG, LNG, LPG diesel mix and biofuels.

The focus, however, has been on the UK LPG market and developing our business in this area. There are two key elements for having a LPG installation:

  • Cheaper motoring;
  • Cleaner environment

If were honest the vast majority of people who do take the plunge to run their cars on dual fuel do it for the benefit of their own pockets and why not? But, at the same time, they do know that they are contributing to a better cleaner environment not only for the future but more importantly for today.

Yet LPG still seems to be the best kept secret!!

For us its simple we can help you make a significant difference to the environment & to the cost of motoring today.

If you want to know how alternative fuels can minimise your fuel costs and maximise your contribution to a cleaner environment, please contact us.


We have been running our UKLPG approved training course for 10 years. The course has evolved over this period of time in line with the vast improvement in technologies used in current LPG systems. The LPG training course is delivered by qualified engineers.

The LPG conversion trainung course is very comprehensive covering all aspects of a LPG installation from theory through to practical. It usually lasts for 4 days, sometimes less depending on how quickly the installation can be completed.

The LPG training course provides a solid basis to develop a LPG installation business. Its excellent value for money it costs the same as an average UK cost for an LPG installation. You’ll be benefiting from spending time with our engineers who we believe have developed the highest technical knowledge in the industry within the UK, achieved through our commitment to providing our customers, old and new, with on-going technical support in both troubleshooting and system development.

You will need to bring a vehicle with you for the LPG installation and we will provide the Romano or Ultra-Gas System and other components necessary.

An Overview

The course theory material has been designed by our Engineering Director and is aimed at providing the course member with a good level of understanding of:

  • LPG the structure, elements & behaviour;
  • LPG vehicle system developments & latest technology (incl. systems for older vehicles);
  • Gas safety and general health & safety in the workshop;
  • UKLPG Code of Practice 11 & BS Autogas Installations (BS12979:2002)

The theory part of the course is delivered on the first day during which time there is plenty of opportunity for questions and to access all the components used for LPG vehicle installations. N.B. You will be using the Romano system and Stako tanks, as imported by us, but the course is generic and is centred on the safety aspects of iLPG conversion.

The next three days are spent in our workshop fitting the LPG system and components to your vehicle under the expert guidance of our engineers.

Once the vehicle installation is complete, tested and calibrated you will sit a written multiple choice examination.

On successful completion of the practical installation and examination you will receive a Certificate of Competence in LPG conversion and will be in a position to carry out installations as a business. This is the first step to becoming a UKLPG Approved Installer.

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